If you have a heart rate monitor for your horse, you'll need to pair it with the watch. If you switch horses and change to a different heart rate strap, you'll also need to re-pair the watch (don't worry, its super easy!)

Our app can connect and pair with any heart rate strap that is bluetooth enabled, and advertises itself as a heart rate monitor, i.e. Polar equine, StableForm etc.

To pair a heart rate strap:

1. Make sure the heart rate strap is awake. Most heart rate sensors put themselves to sleep when they cannot detect a heart rate signal. You can wake them up by holding the sensors ends in each hand, or touching a finger or thumb from each hand on the metal sensor tabs. After a few seconds the sensor will wake up. You can also wake a sensor by placing in on your horse, however it take a bit longer to wake up as the signal needs to penetrate the horses hair, which if its long, will take a good deal of sweat. A well trimmed thoroughbred will normally have a detectable heart rate after a few furlongs of trotting, weather dependant.

You can speed this process up by applying gel, however we tend to find this isn't needed, and even on the coldest (5°C/32°F) days, the horse has sufficient sweet after a short trot.

2. Next, press the heart icon on the watch app, the app will then start scanning for heart rate devices. 

watch ready to record

Scanning for a heart rate belt:

watch hr scanning

3. Hold the watch within a few cms/inches of the heart rate receiver (the big plastic bit with the battery).

watch tap heart rate

4. On finding a heart rate monitor, the watch app will pair with it, beep three times so you know its paired, and then go back to the main record screen.

watch hr connected

5. You are now set to go riding and record heart rate. 

6. The heart rate ID is saved for next time, and if you use the same heart rate belt, you don't need to rescan, the watch app will do it automatically.