Locate the app in your Jockey watch, tap to launch it:

watch stableform watch app

On first running the app, you'll be prompted to login:

watch scan for qr

Open our companion app on your iphone or android phone, navigate to the profile page and scroll down to display the QR code on screen:

qr code profile

To login, press the QR code image in the watch app, this will turn on scanning mode and the camera. Its now ready to be pointed towards the QR code screen on your phone:

watch scanning for qr

Now point the watch at your phones screen so the QR code fills the camera window on the watch app, when the watch app finds and reads the QR code, it will beep and log you in:

watch qr code scanned

Once logged in, the app will navigate to the main record screen.

watch ready to record

At this point the app will load your horses (the horses you've entered via our Android/iPhone companion app!)

You can now select a horse from the horse drop down and then press record and go riding.

If you have a heart rate monitor you want to pair, please follow the heart rate pairing instructions here.