You'll need to pair both the left and right Fetlock Boots for movement recording to work.

To do this:

1. Navigate in the app the Profile page (its the last menu button on bottom nav bar)


2. Grab the left Fetlock boot and hold it in your hand, then press the Add button on the left hand side of the profile page:


3. A prompt will appear on screen, read the instructions, then press the scan button:


4. Tap and hold the phone on the top of the Fetlock boot near where the led is located:


5. The scan circle in the app will display a 6 digit code when it finds the fetlock boot, press anywhere inside the scan circle to save it. To NOT save the Fetlock boot, tap anywhere outside the circle:


6. To pair the right Fetlock boot, press the right hand Add button and follow the same instructions as for the left hand side.

7. Once complete, you will have the Fetlock boot IDs listed in their respective left and right hand lists:


If you need to remove any registered Fetlock boots from the app, simpley swipe the boot ID to the left and press delete: