Pairing a Heart Rate monitor is exactly the same process as pairing our Fetlock boots.

We support any Bluetooth enabled Equine heart rate monitor, such as the Polar H7/H10 sensor with either the Equine belt or Electrode base. You only need a heart rate sensor and strap to record a horses heart rate with our app. A polar watch is not required.

polar electrode base set

polar equine belt

To pair a new heart rate monitor:

1. Navigate in the app the Profile page (its the last menu button on bottom nav bar)

2. Scroll down to the heart rate settings section:


3. Press the Add button to bring up the scan prompt:


4. Press the scan button when ready, and once the scanning circle appears, hold the top of your phone against the heart rate sensor:


If the sensor has gone to sleep (they will automatically sleep after a period of non use) try touching both of the metal contacts on the back of the sensor to wake it up:

polar back