The final step in app setup is configuring the finish point on your course, so sectionals can be calculated. You don't have to set a finish point to record movement data, however if you'd like sectionals, then you need to set one. It should be a point pass within a 50m radius of, and then out of, i.e. in a multi track race course, select the finish point be in the correct spot in the middle track.

To set a finish point:

1. Navigate to the profile page in the StableForm app


2. Scroll down to the Finish Point Location section:

save finish point

3. You can either press the "Use current location" button to set a start point (you will need to ride/walk to the exact spot), or, scroll around the map until you find a known location, and then press on the map for at least 2 seconds to set a start point.


4. Make sure you press the "Save" button to update the finish point location.


Purple circle:

The purple circle represents the area you need to pass through while recording to trigger a start point notification. If sectional recording doesn't work, make sure you are passing into and out of the purple zone on each lap.