Use the record function to record your horses performance for later analysis. Our app records location and speed, heart rate and motion (when paired with our Fetlock boots).

To record a horses performance:

1. When you are about to begin the horses work session (or when ever its convenient beforehand), press the record tab bar item:


2. If you have paired fetlock boots, the app will be begin scanning for them:


3. While connecting the fetlock icon will change from black (disconnected) to orange (connecting) to green (connected).


4. Once your heart rate monitor and fetlock guards are connected, all icons will be green:


5. Select the horse to record from the dropdown:


6. Press the record button to start recording:

record-button-ready7. Once recording has started, the Elapsed time will begin to count and the heart rate will be displayed. You can now put your phone in your pocket and go riding, or hold the phone and watch the heart rate if you are doing treadmill work.


8. To stop recording (ready for the next horse) press the Record button arrow,


and then press stop:


9. After pressing stop, the track is sent to our servers for further processing and analysis, around 30 seconds later it will be available in your activity feed for further analysis.