The Form - Motion page displays changes in the horses hoof motion over time, as recorded by our fetlock sensors.

A consistent running, healthy injury free horse will not display any real changes in foot motion as training progresses. 

However as training does progress, often horses develop soreness and then tend to favour the good leg over the injured one. We analyse motion data at different speed levels, and uses statistics, calculate the impact levels sustained by each foot. A sudden change may indicate something major injury wise has just happened, where as a slow change over time can indicate a hard to detect injury beginning (the kind that is hard to spot until it is too late).

It's important to note that each horse is unique, they all show different patterns with their leg work, and what this page does is track those changes in the horses motion.

Simulator Screen Shot - iPhone 7 - 2019-08-02 at 13.53.24

The horse Near leg data has a solid line and the Off leg is dashed. The lines are then broken down in the speed bands, we often find that horses exhibit quite different motion based on the speed they're travelling.